All these stories

The following post was originally written on the FCS Makerspace Blog on my last day at Friends’ Central. 

As I look around the makerspace on my last day as a teacher at FCS, I am struck by all of the stories I see around me:



the trash can that speaks up on behalf of beginners


the tangible equations that turned into roller coasters


the teachers that were learners in afternoon workshops


the Significant Objects that took students to Maker Faire

…and for a moment I think about how important it is that each of these stories be handed down to the next cohort of students and teachers who work and learn in the makerspace. There are hundreds of decisions and stories and moments captured in objects all around. The space itself is a snapshot of years of thinking and care. Won’t something be lost if these objects are stripped of their stories and nuance?

The answer: that’s the wrong question to ask.  Continue reading